Debt Settlement Attorney In Florida

You don’t have to deal with debt collectors alone.

When creditors attempt to but are unable to collect on debts they believe they’re owed, they often engage debt collectors or collection agencies to try to recover some or all of the outstanding debt amount. Debt collectors often try various tactics to obtain payments from consumers and businesses with overdue or unpaid balances, including phone calls and written communications.


Why Hire a Lawyer to Deal With Collection Agency Personnel?

There are laws designed to help creditors enforce their rights while at the same time protecting the rights of debtors. An experienced DeTata Law Group debt defense attorney can help ensure your rights are protected.

In some cases, debt collection agencies can be aggressive, engaging in harassment in their attempts to collect on unpaid debt. A knowledgeable attorney can help by putting a stop to unlawful contact. Even when a debt collector follows the letter of the law, settling with debt collectors can be stressful for consumers. That’s especially true if you don’t understand your options.

A debt settlement defense attorney can assist by stopping harassing contact from collection agencies, helping negotiate on your behalf, and asserting all available defenses. The attorneys at DeTata Law Group help people find financial freedom again — handling debt collections; negotiating settlements with creditors; and identifying and implementing other solutions, including debt consolidation, as less drastic alternatives to bankruptcy — when appropriate.


Choose DeTata Law Group — the Debt Settlement Attorney Florida Residents Trust

If a creditor has transferred your account to a debt collector and you’re not sure what to do, know that help is available. Contact DeTata Law Group today to schedule a consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable debt settlement lawyer. We will work closely with you to explore available deft relief options. When understanding the landscape, you can make more informed decisions about debt elimination and freeing yourself from the burden of debt.