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Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of those things we don’t think of much. For example, do you know what is going to happen to your stuff or “assets” when you die? No matter how much or how little you own, you should be the one that decides what happens to your personal property when you leave this place. There is no time like the present to address what will happen to your family when you die or become incapacitated and are unable to manage your own affairs. The decisions you make today will make the lives of the people you care for easier when that time comes.

Simple Wills, Living Wills

For instance, with a living will, your loved ones will know what your wishes are in case you are on life support. Wills and trusts are tools, used to protect assets from creditors, divorces, or other circumstances. They provide direction for the distribution of your personal effects, the protection of your assets, and financial security for your family after your passing.
If you die without a will or a trust, then the probate courts divide your stuff, or “estate” among creditors and your family members. If you do not have any family, then your creditors get paid and the remainder escheats to the state.

Living Trusts

Without a living will, you may remain on life support indefinitely. A simple will, living will or living trust can make all the difference. You decide how your estate is distributed. You decide what to do in case you are on life support. It just makes things much easier on your loved ones, in a difficult time.
For clients who get a simple will or living trust prepared, we will also prepare a living will at no extra cost. Call us 877-213-6553 or click HERE to Schedule an appointment with a representative.


Benefits of A Living Trust

Plan for the future with a living trust and have peace of mind knowing that your property, your assets, and your loved ones will be well handled in the case of your incapacitation or passing. You can also avoid expensive and time-consuming probate and supervised conservatorship hearings with a living trust from our firm. Living Trusts bypass probate, since technically assets you put in a trust are owned by the Trust, not you, so on your death, the trustee can transfer your property and assets directly to your beneficiaries. You can convert bank accounts, stocks, and certain registrations to be payable-on-death, and property can also be transferred directly. A Living Trust also allows you to manage your assets without having to create a Power of Attorney or Conservatorship, as you would under a Will. You can also use trusts to give away gifts while you are alive (ex: College Education Trust).

Benefits Of A Will

In some cases, setting up a Living Trust may not be worth the hassle and expense, especially if your estate is less complex. Most states allow a certain amount of property to be passed on either without probate or through simplified probate; furthermore, property left to a spouse can be transferred quite simply. Whereas a living trust requires continual management, wills are simple to prepare, and it is easy to update with a codicil or create new ones when necessary. Call us at 877-213-6553 or click HERE to schedule an appointment with me.

Living Will

living will is a legal document that allows you to set forth what types of medical treatment you do and do not want to receive should you become incapable of consenting to such procedures at a future date, such as being kept on life support for an extended period.

Give us a call to see if we can help you execute a plan that effectively expresses your personal desires regarding future medical decisions and the disposition and protection of your assets. 

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